GRAMMIS: A comprehensive user-adaptive web information system on German grammar

2 februari: lezing door Dr. Roman Schneider

GRAMMIS brings together terminological, lexicographical, and bibliographical information about German grammar. Initiated more than a decade ago, it combines traditional description of grammatical structures with the results of corpus-based studies and hypermedia design principles. Considering that the grammar of human languages is a highly complex scientific domain, the project authors use hypertext chunking and linking as well as multimedia extensions like spoken language excerpts and graphical explanations in order to address a broad target audience with heterogeneous foreknowledge. Their goal is to present a comprehensive overall picture of contemporary German grammar from a syntactic, semantic, and functional perspective. Information storing as well as user-adaptive information presentation do not depend on the final screen design. Rather, the focus is on how to use WWW-specific means of communication for the access on digital information.

Locatie en tijd

De lezing wordt gehouden in het Verbarium van het INL (M. de Vrieshof 3)

Tijd: 13.15-14.15 uur.

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