Terminology Management


The first part consists of a brief introduction into the theory of terminology (language for special purposes, concepts, terms, definitions, assigning terms to concepts). In the second part the students work with the MultiTerm 2015 Desktop and web applications.They learn to create termbases, create, change and delete entries, create a filter definition, a layout definition and export/import definitions. They also learn how to export and import items into and from a multiterm termbase. They should also be able to convert terminological data from other applications into MultiTerm. Attention is paid to the possibilities of the Web for designing, managing and using terminological data banks.They may be confronted with other terminological management tools.

KU Leuven Campus Brussel: bachelor Toegepaste Taalkunde en Taal- & Letterkunde
Warmoesberg 26, 1000 Brussel
Terminology Management (B-KUL-HFT51A)
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The students are able to: 1) master the software packet MultiTerm 2015 Desktop and web application. They can design a model of a data bank and implement it, make an input model, define a filter, change the lay-out of a screen, make an export definition, convert Excel files and import them into a termbank, set up a cross reference in a termbank, transfer items of a MultiTerm termbank to Word (through a template), 2) evaluate the software used in the classroom in order to make justified software choices in their later career. They are also critical with regard to other terminological software, 3) explain the basis concepts of terminology management
The general admission requirements and compulsory sequence courses are described in the education and examination regulations. The student can work with the internet, the basic functions of Windows, MS Word and MS Excel.
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